An Arne Jacobsen plywood chair covered in guano and feathers reflects on the absent body and the insignificance of culture in a post-human future.

Three large sponges cast in bronze and displayed on wood plinths.

Scanned Specimens,  36″ x 42″, black and white, digital prints for solo exhibition at the Soap Factory, Minneapolis, Fall 2014.

Works in progress using molded antarctic kelp for solo exhibition at the Soap Factory, Fall 2014

Durvilaea Antartica hung from a window during my artist residency at Casa Poli, Coliumo, Chile, 2012


Installation exhibited at Burnet Gallery, Minneapolis, 2011. Manufactured minimalist forms, photographs, modeled wax, and cast metal sculptures function as props that lend the exhibition space qualities of the natural world.  Polished steel functions as a stand-in for reflective water and sky. A black and white photograph of tree bark emphasizes the subject’s map-like structure; delicate metal rods chart a crystalline structure.

Oligarchy was built out of wood, cloth and wax and cast in bronze to resemble a hybrid fallen chandelier/stalactite. The transformation of the rivulets of wax into bronze are similar to formations found in caves.

Rock is built out of steel rod and mirrored steel producing a structure whose reflections and shadows have more impact than overall mass.

The Christening of H.M.S. Speedwell took place at Silver Lake with the assistance of the Sea Clamp.

Fata Morgana is an Italian phrase signifying a complex, rapidly changing mirage that can occur on land or sea often distorting dramatically the object one sees. To make this sculpture I dripped wax over a common model ship. I wanted the ship to look encrusted, as if it sunk to the bottom of the sea where over time it was covered in barnacles. Its surface references the passage of time and gives it a melting, surreal quality. The ship is cast out of bronze and weighs about 123 lbs. It is kept afloat by a submerged buoy. The buoy allows the ship to rise up and down as water from the lake evaporates or increases with rainfall.

Silver Lake at Silverwood Park, Minnesota, Summer 2012 and 2013


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